Norstar Applications
Desktop CTI Solutions (Computer Telephony Integration)

If you're like most office workers, you spend your day going back and forth between the two tools you use most often - your computer and your telephone. Now, your Norstar system can help you work smarter!

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) brings the power of your computer and telephone together - so you can manage all your communications right from your PC. Imagine your workday with Norstar's CTI...

... see caller information "pop" on your PC screen - before you answer.
... set up conference calls and manage faxes and voice mail - with drag-and-drop ease.
... and so much more!

You'll get more done, in less time. And, you'll be able to serve your customers more effectively. Norstar provides all the tools you need for Computer Telephony Integration.

· Personal Productivity Suite - a complete software package for desktop CTI, including the award-winning Personal Call Manager application, TAPI implementation software, and CTA installation tools.
· Computer Telephony Adapter - the device that connects your desktop computer and your Norstar phone. Choose the adapter that meets your requirements-for basic, advanced, or integrated desktop CTI.
· PC Console - a Norstar software and hardware package designed specifically for attendants. Answering and routing phone calls becomes as simple as point-and-click!


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