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Enterprise Edge

The unified communications solution that actually gives you an edge on your competition.

Nortel Networks new Enterprise Edge is an IP-enabled (Internet Protocol) communications system for small and growing businesses that can uniquely position your business to move ahead of the competition.

It's a fully integrated voice and data communications platform that's efficient, easy to use, saves you time and money, and costs less to own than buying multiple vendor solutions. Best of all, you can chose the features and applications your business needs today and then add as you grow.

Enterprise Edge lets you communicate over voice circuits, data circuits or both. A unified communications platform makes network management far easier, facilitates voice over IP calls and IP networking between offices, and lowers your overall cost of ownership.

Future-proof your business
Someday, all voice and data traffic will run on integrated networks. The cost savings is simply too great (not to mention the efficiency). If you're considering updating either your voice or data network, it makes sense to integrate them into a single unit now with Nortel Networks Enterprise Edge.

Why not get a head start on the future?

A communications solution that's so simple, you can forget it - and get down to business
Nortel Networks Enterprise Edge is so efficient it almost runs itself. With this unified network, you get:

· lower cost of ownership
· simplification of network equipment
· remote management capabilities
· reliability
· seamless upgrades for both hardware and software
· support of open standards
· support for multiple connections and access options


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