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Fully integrated with Norstar Voice Mail, Fax Messaging delivers all 5 features you want in a single package. Now you can retrieve all your messages with one call—anywhere there’s a fax machine; send faxes to group distribution lists; receive confidential faxes whenever you choose; and end the wait at the fax machine for your transmissions. Norstar Fax Messaging sharpens your competitive edge with economical fax management. Here are 5 key features you’ll use every day:


Fax Mail

· Designate a fax machine for one-touch printing or redirect faxes to other locations.
· Retrieve voice and fax messages with a single matter where you are.
· Store confidential faxes in a private mailbox for later processing.


· Guides callers through custom-designed menus to retrieve brochures, technical data, forms, maps, schedules, and other frequently requested information.
· Provides round-the-clock service to your customers...when they want it, without tying up your employees just to send a fax.

Fax Broadcast

· Creates and stores group lists of up to 125 fax numbers for fast document distribution.
· Transforms your voice mail system into a highly efficient information clearinghouse.

Fax Overflow

· Sends incoming faxes to an overflow mailbox when your fax machine is busy or out of service.
· Can be programmed to transmit your messages to the fax machine until they are successfully printed.

Fax Answering

· Works with Norstar Voice Mail’s Auto Attendant to instantly recognize and route fax calls—so no more screeching fax tones in your ear.
· Allows callers to reach your business via voice or fax with a single number.

Feature Highlights & Advantages High-performance Fax Card

Designed with the most sophisticated technology currently available, Norstar Fax Messaging provides virtually error-free fax transmission and reception, even when handling compressed messages. And Fax Messaging connects with more fax machines in less time than any other fax card on the market today. So you’ll save in long distance charges—without sacrificing quality. The Norstar Fax Messaging card is commercial-grade, the same fax card used by many large, high-tech companies for commercial broadcast fax applications. It’s designed for intensive usage and ultra clear transmission, unlike the personal computer-based fax cards available in some telephone systems that are designed for just light, occasional faxing.

Shared Port Assignment

Because Fax Messaging accesses voice channels on an "as needed" basis, additional dedicated ports aren’t needed. Up to 4 voice channels can be used for fax purposes when they are not in use by the Voice Mail system.

Intelligent System Integration

Norstar Fax Messaging is designed for seamless performance with Norstar business communications systems. The tight integration of Norstar Fax Messaging with the interactive LCD Window provides unrivaled ease of use, minimizes training costs for your employees and expands your business capabilities.


What does Norstar Fax Messaging mean for you?

· Increased control over confidential fax messages.
· Enhanced customer satisfaction through greater responsiveness and professionalism.
· Substantial savings on long-distance fax charges when using Fax-on-Demand or Fax Broadcast features.
· Greater productivity by minimizing staff time spent handling faxes.
· Faster fax distribution.


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