Norstar Integrated Communications Systems
Norstar-PLUS Modular ICS

The Norstar-PLUS Modular ICS is a module and cartridge based system. This allows easy installation, customization, expansion and maintenance. The ICS currently supports digital lines (T1), and will support Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) capabilities in the future. The core unit supports no lines and 32 stations. All lines are supported through trunk modules plugged into the core of the ICS. Cartridge slots are provided for the software cartridge, a Services Cartridge, a two port or six port Fiber Expansion Cartridge, a two or six port Copper Expansion Cartridge, and Fiber Trunk Modules. Software cartridges come in several types, so please review your application before making your selection. The ICS is equipped with a removable power supply, which eliminates the need to send the entire ICS in for repair if the power supply fails. It is also equipped with a single locking door, and customer configuration data information that is resident on the ICS. It is equipped with one emergency transfer port if an analog trunk cartridge is resident on the ICS. In a system with only digital trunk cartridges, emergency service is not supported.

Expansion Cards

2 Port Copper allows for expansion with copper modules.
2 Port Fiber allows for expansion with fiber modules.
6 Port Fiber/Service card allows for expansion with fiber modules and also acts as a service card for T1 applications.
Fiber Station Modules

Each of these modules expands the ICS system by sixteen (16) stations. These stations support any Norstar termnal.

Fiber Trunk Modules

Each of these modules hold up to three (3) analog trunk cartridges, and is connected to the ICS by a fiber cable. Each cartridge has four (4) ports, and expands the ICS by four (4) CO lines. This allows a maximum of twelve (12) ports per module. Each module is equipped with one emergency transfer port.

Digital Trunk Interface (DTI)

The digital trunk interface provides access for up to 24 digital lines from the central office. It comes equipped with built-in CSU functionality to help monitor the integrity of digital signalling. The DTI is made up of both hardware and software. The hardware provides the physical interface to the digital network and the software provides transmission and signaling information. The DTI software is downloaded from the feature cartriddge on power-up of the ICS. The core ICS can support up to 2 DTI's for a total of 48 T1 lines. DTI's can not be installed in trunk modules. No additional hardware is required for delivery of ANI.

Trunk Cartridges

There are several different types of trunk cartridges that can be used, such as LS/DS, DID, etc. Please consider your application before making your selection.

Service Cartridges

This unit provides the clocking service that is necessary for digital networks. If your application requipres T1 service, both the service cartridge and DTI cartridge are needed. 2 DTI's can be supported by one service cartridge. The 0X32 is expandable in every direction. By utilizing the newest software version, XL, the new Combo Card can be added, which allows the addition of another 6 port expansion cartridge. This equips the ICS with up to 228 ports.


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