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When Every Phone Call Means Business…

Billions of voice mail messages are delivered every work day around the globe. Voice mail saves time, money and aggravation. It boosts productivity. And customers, vendors, and employees alike have come to rely on its convenience. Norstar Voice Mail is like a personal assistant, who:

· Answers your telephone and takes messages for everyone in your company—with complete accuracy—24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
· Frees employees to concentrate on the revenue-generating work at hand, confident that they won’t miss a phone call;
· Gives your customers and suppliers direct access to the person they want to reach, cutting down on "telephone tag." They can ask a question or leave information anytime. And since studies show that 50% of all business calls involve one-way transfers of information, Voice Mail sends your productivity skyrocketing.

And with up to 1,000 mailboxes and up to 100 hours of total storage time for greetings and messages, Norstar Voice Mail can be configured to fit your business needs.


Nothing Beats Full Integration with Norstar

Norstar Voice Mail is seamlessly integrated with the Norstar business communications system through the Norstar Applications Module, a strong, flexible PC-based platform. This tight integration gives you access to features and functionality normally found in larger systems, such as:

· Message Forwarding
· Timed Delivery of Messages
· Extended Absence Greeting
· Customizable Directory
· Call Screening
· Enhanced Multiple Recipient Addressing

Norstar Voice Mail is integrated with your Norstar telephone’s LCD Window, so you’re guided through every step of using Voice Mail. The LCD Window notifies you when you receive a new Voice Mail message, gives you instant status information, and more. And with Station-Based Administration, you can easily program your system from any M7310 or M7324 telephone. Or choose Norstar Voice Mail Manager, a Windows-based administration tool.

Plus, the Norstar Applications Module supports up to 32 voice channels, so it can drive multiple integrated applications, such as Voice Mail plus Fax Messaging, or Desktop Messaging. And Norstar Voice Mail also integrates with other Norstar Applications as well, like Automated Call Distribution.

Free Employees To Do Other Work

All you need to manage your incoming calls—and save a tremendous amount of staff time—is NorstarVoice Mail.

· It’s an Auto Attendant that directs all incoming calls, even routing them based on Calling Line ID information.
· It’s an Auto Receptionist that answers calls when you’re busy—it works 365 days a year with no breaks—freeing up your receptionist to work more with customers, vendors, and visitors.
· And it’s an Information Desk that offers answers to commonly asked questions through information mailboxes.

Norstar Reliability and Ease of Use

The standard Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) is more than 9 years for the Norstar Applications Module. It’s built to run continuously, with ruggedized components and electric supply—because you always need access to your Voice Mail system. Norstar’s standard of reliability has helped make it the best-selling small system choice of businesses around the world.

Calling Line Indentification Integration

When you subscribe to Calling Line ID from your local phone company and equip your Norstar system to capture it, the caller’s number and name, where available, appears on your Norstar telephone’s LCD Window, so you know who’s calling before you answer. If it’s not urgent, simply let the call forward to voice mail. Change your mind at the last minute? No problem. You can answer a call that’s been forwarded to voice mail—even while the caller is leaving a message.

With Calling Line ID integration, you can record up to three personalized greetings per mailbox, each in response to a specific calling number. And the built-in Auto Attendant will route up to 100 designated calling numbers to extensions, or mailboxes based on the caller’s number. Plus, the caller’s name and number are saved in the voice mailbox along with the message.

If Caller ID with name delivery isn’t available in your area, try the Call Screening feature. When an external caller inputs your extension, the Auto Attendant asks for the caller’s name, and records the reply. Then the call is transferred to you, along with the caller’s spoken name. You can then choose to answer or forward the call to Voice Mail.

Remote Notification

That’s easy with Norstar Voice Mail’s off-premise message notification feature. This handy feature will search up to five different phone or pager numbers to locate your salesperson—no matter where they are.

Off-premise notification can be programmed with the salesperson’s pager and cell phone numbers so if an important call comes in, Norstar Voice Mail will try the pager number, then try the cell phone number until someone answers. If the salesperson should miss all these attempts, a Non-Delivery Notification will be placed in the salesperson’s mailbox.

Toll Fraud Prevention

Toll fraud costs businesses billions of dollars every year. But Norstar Voice Mail has toll fraud prevention measures that can help your company eliminate this problem.

For example, Norstar Voice Mail’s Set-Based Restriction feature lets you limit the kind of outgoing calls put through any mailbox in your system. You have complete control over which mailboxes can call long distance numbers.

Plus, your Norstar Voice Mail system is secure against "hackers" because users must enter a new password twice. The system also lets you require users to update their passwords on a 30, 60, or 90 day basis for added security.


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