Avaya Applications (Partner Series)
Partner Mail VS

Partner Mail VS Release 5.0

· Handles up to two calls (in the 2-port configuration) and provides service for up to 48 mailboxes. Expands easily to 4-Ports for future growth.
· 1,000 minutes total storage time which can be distributed as needed among mailboxes
· Provides four Automated Attendants, each of which can contain a separate company greeting, answering different lines.
· Bilingual mode allows two language choices for each attendant.
· Callers who reach a mailbox can easily "zero out" to reach a receptionist if desired.
· Mail box "owners" can

· listen to messages,
· save (indefinitely) or delete messages,
· record a personal greeting,
· change password,
· forward messages with comment to other mailboxes,
· set up outcalling (message notification) to a list of
  pager and telephone numbers,
· listen to a caller leaving a message (call screening
  requires 4-port configuration),
· create and send messages to other mailboxes,
· create personal distribution lists,
· specify a personal operator,
· record a call (requires 4-port configuration).

· All system administration (adding, deleting and modifying mailboxes, changing passwords, and changing the company greeting(s) can be programmed on-site or off-site with a push-button phone.

Compatible with Partner Plus or Partner II systems release 3.1 or higher. Compatible with all releases of the Partner ACS system.


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