Avaya Applications (Partner Series)
Partner Messaging

More powerful business features, Larger capacity, Easier to use. Adding to the benefits of the Partner Mail VS Series, the New Lucent Avaya Partner Messaging System provides businesses with the most powerful voice messaging features. With an increased capacity of up to 200 mailboxes and 100 hours of total storage time, your voice mail messaging applications will have virtually unlimited potential for growth. New features include submenu access, dial by name directory, Windows based administration software, mailbox management directly through your LAN connection and your PC's Internet browser.


· 200 Mailboxes with 6000 minutes (100 Hours) of storage. Configure up to 200 subscribers with 100 hours of storage.
· Expandable from 2 to 6-Ports. Expands easily from 2- to 4- or 6-ports for future growth and optimal performance.
· Easy Administration. Administer the Partner Messaging Module through a phones system display telephone (Partner 18D, Partner 34D) or through your LAN using a Windows based PC and easy to use administration software.
· Automated Attendant Service. Provides four Automated Attendants, each of which can answer different lines. You can create up to 99 announcements shared among all Automated Attendants. Caller can choose between two languages.
· Submenu Service. Provides up to 99 submenus shared among all Automated Attendants for additional user selections.
· Dial By Name Directory. Users can easily locate the extension of their party with a dial by name directory.
· Call Answer Service. Prompts caller to leave a message or transfer to another extension or transfer to a personal operator when the called party does not answer.
· Voice Mail Service. Service allows subscribers to listen to messages, delete messages, record a personal greeting, change their password, forward messages with comment to other mailboxes, set up outcalling to a list of pager and telephone numbers, listen to a caller leaving a message, create and send messages, create personal distribution lists, adjust playback volume while listening to messages, specify a personal operator, record a call, and specify messages as Priority, Private, or Return Request.
· Mailbox Management Made Simple (MMMS). Easily manage and administer your mailbox directly through a LAN connection and your PC's internet browser using it's www.messenger software.
· Night Service. Provides after-hours service in addition to daytime service.

Compatible with Partner Plus or Partner II systems release 3.1 or higher. Compatible with all releases of the Partner ACS system.


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